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My computer keeps prompting me to upgrade to Windows 10. 

Should I upgrade?

It excellent for Microsoft to offer free upgrades to our computers, however there are a few things to consider. First, will your current hardware run Windows 10 efficiently?  You will need to look at your current operating system.  If you are running Windows 7 then you should probably stay with that version.  Many of these older computers are running in 32-bit mode with 2 to 4 megabytes of RAM memory.  It is UpLAN opinion that you should NOT upgrade.  If you are already running Windows 8, then upgrade. Second, what devices are attached to your current computer?  If you are using a parallel connected device (printer) then you might need to upgrade that or purchase a USB to parallel cable.  Some, not all drivers for that connection might not work correctly. The best solution, BEFORE UPGRADING, is to call your local support company and have them advise you.  The least expensive upgrade may be a new computer that will run amazing. If you still have questions feel free to contact contact us for advise.

Is remote support and off-site cloud backup safe?

This is a legitimate concern and at UpLAN we take safety very seriously.  Our remote software uses 256 SSL encryption. This is the same encryption used by the military and our government.  Our client’s have the option to give our technicians as much or as little access as required for them to complete an on-line support session. Online backup services are as safe as anything else in this dangerous cyberworld, provided you  take the proper precautions. There are three areas of concern when choosing a backup provider.  Encryption, data storage, and retrieval of data should all be investigated.  Most reputable backup services use established encryption algorithms that are effectively bullet- proof--either Blowfish or AES. Without the key (in other words, the password), the files are inaccessible. Your files are encrypted on your PC before they are uploaded via a secure socket layer (SSL) Internet connection. The files remain encrypted until you need them.  Where the data is stored or housed is a another major concern.  Some local firms house your data at a single location, instead of multiple, spread-out locations.  Be sure to check with your off-site backup company to verify their storage protocols.   Delivery of your data after a disaster should be a factor in choosing a backup provider.  Backup data downloaded via the Internet might take several days costing a business expensive down time.  Make sure the backup provider has an over-night shipping option to deliver the data either on hard disk or dvd. Call UpLAN today for our recommendations and a quote.

Getting a stuck computer, unstuck

Most all of us have experienced a computer or laptop that has completely frozen from time to time. When no keys work on the keyboard and everything is locked up try this:  Hold down the power button for 8 to 10 seconds.  Your computer/laptop should shut completely down.  Then simply power back up.   If you get a message upon re-boot asking how you want Windows to start, select “Start Windows Normally”.  You should be back up and running. If you think you have a deeper problem, UpLAN is eager to talk to you and schedule a service call if needed.


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Shorcut Keys

Shortcut keys are a combination of 2 or more keys that let you bypass the menus and accomplish tasks faster.  The 4 shortcuts most commonly used are: Ctrl + C = copy Ctrl + X = cut Ctrl + V = paste Windows Logo key + L = logoff For a complete listing of these and other shortcuts visit: 449/en-US Try these out to save a ton of time!
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