First of all, Thanks! We really needed someone to pull our .... out of the fire and you did it!  Not only did you do it, but we were a new, unknown customer in a jam and you responded quickly, efficiently, and effectively.  UpLAN got us up and running in no time.  Thanks again, and you are now our go to guys!” Steven, Branch Manager at Williams Financial Group in Oklahoma City, OK
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Our start

In 1988, our founder started Oklahoma Micro Technology along with his brother and step-brother.  In  1994, OMT moved offices and renamed the company to Enteq.  Seeking to add additional product  lines Enteq joined a national franchise, moved offices again, and renamed the company to Inacom  Information Systems.  In 2000, each of the owners split off into separate companies resulting in the  formation of the technology engineering firm UpLAN Inc. 

Today’s company

UpLAN is managed by Bob Harris, Owner & President.  He manages the day to day operations of  the corporation and oversees the project management of each installation or upgrade.  Spanning   over 25 years experience in the technology field our staff can manage any project of any size.   UpLAN offers a full line of products that includes servers, workstations, laptops, tablets, switches,  routers, firewalls, spam filters, web filters, and backup solutions.

See what we have to offer

Visit our Business page to view the list of partnerships UpLAN has developed over the years.  We  also support the home user with several plans to keep their computers working the way they need  to.  Visit our Residential page for details.    Call our office if you have any questions, or to set up a meeting to see what UpLAN can do for you. 

About us

UpLAN Inc.
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